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Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods are accepted?

Major credit cards, and/or cash are acceptable forms of payment. If paying by card, please view the YouTube video for detailed instruction on how to add a card payment to your Theratap patient profile.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

Initial twenty-minute introductory consultation calls are free. Consultations and/or case reviews are $150 per hour.

Do you accept insurance?

No, at this time this practice is self-pay only. Most insurance companies do not authorize forensic evaluations or view them as a medical necessity service. As a result, this practice does not accept insurance.

Do I have to add a payment method to my patient portal?

Yes, a card must be added to your patient portal when scheduling your initial appointment. A 50% retainer fee will be collected upon booking the appointment. The remaining 50% balance will be due upon completion of the service rendered.

Do you offer virtual services?

Yes, we offer services using the Theratap secure portal.

Is Theratap portal secure?

Yes, this apple is bank-grade encrypted.