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Revitalize Psychological Services, Inc. offers convenient, accessible, high-quality assessments, forensic evaluations, diagnostic clarifications, psychological evaluations, bariatric evaluation, and behavioral assessments. RPS assists clients by helping them understand their symptoms and risk factors and restoring and revitalizing their strengths. RPS’ goal is to increase access to quality psychological and forensic services and provide culturally and evidence-based appropriate integrative services for clients, attorney's representing defendants/plaintiffs, and agencies.

Adult Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations

These adult forensic competence to stand trial (CST) evaluations are used to assist courts to determine if a defendant has the current ability to understand the criminal proceedings against them and has the current ability to rationally assist their legal counsel. A CST evaluation includes a review of various records (medical, jail, prior psychological evaluations) in addition to a thorough clinical interview.

Juvenile Competency

These juvenile forensic evaluations are used to determine a youth's ability to understand the trial process and consult with counsel in a rational and factual manner. These evaluation includes a review of various records (medical, jail, school records review, prior psychological evaluations) in addition to a thorough clinical interview.

Criminal responsibility | Insanity evaluations

These forensic evaluations are used to evaluate whether a defendant, at the time of committing the offense, due to mental disease or defect, the defendant was incapable of: knowing or understanding the nature and quality of their act or was incapable of knowing or understanding that their act was morally or legally wrong. These evaluations require consultations with the defendant's attorney, various collateral interviews, thorough historic and current record review, medical record review, police report review, a clinical interview with the defendant, and may include psychological test administration.


Malingering evaluations, the clinicians will conduct a detailed clinical evaluation to assess the exaggeration and/or feigning of symptoms of mental illness for secondary gain. These types of evaluations may be requested by attorneys who are seeking consultation and/or an evaluation of their client’s mental illness for court purposes. This evaluation includes a comprehensive clinical interview, review of records, interview with collateral sources (if needed), and the administration of psychological measures that are appropriate for the referral question. The report will provide treatment recommendations as well.


These evaluations are used to help medical doctors and surgeons determine a patient's appropriateness and/or readiness for bariatric surgery. Surgeons typically want to know how likely a patient will safely and successfully achieve their weight loss goals pre, post, and during bariatric surgery. These pre-surgical psychological evaluations will include one or more assessments and a clinical interview. These reports are submitted to the client and their surgeon.


Assessments are conducted to measure and observe a patient's behavior and performance. The clinician will use the results of the assessment for various reasons (i.e., diagnostic clarifications purposes, guide treatment.) Psychological testing includes clinical interview, review of records, collateral interview, test administration, test scoring & interpretation, and report writing.)